Let’s Do the Damn Thing!

Just kidding.  Can’t stand that motto.  Even Becca has changed her Instagram profile to remove it, so that is the LAST time you will see it on this blog!

Becca is on her journey to find love (for real this time) and so far, so good!  Honestly guys, I’m just so glad I don’t have to watch Arie on my screen anymore.  That season was so brutal, and not just because of the ending.  I feel like I barely know Becca because they barely showed any real conversation with any of the frontrunners.  But from what I can see, I think Becca will make a great Bachelorette .

I didn’t get a chance to do a full rundown of the guys, but honestly that’s a blessing in disguise.  We are going to be saying goodbye to so many of them in the next few weeks, so I’ll just focus on what we’ve been able to see this far.

We start off on a good note (after we finally get past breakup footage).  Former Bachelorettes come to give Becca advice!  I’ve missed Rachel, Jojo, and Kaitlyn on my screen!  This may have been my favorite part of the episode:

God I’ve missed Big Rach.

I feel like they breezed by most of the limo entrances and I still don’t know everyone’s name, but I do have some thoughts about some of the men.

I’m super impressed by Christon (Chris Staples), former Harlem Globetrotter.  This was a very cool move.

I’m surprised that I’m so into Leo as a contestant.  At first, I couldn’t get past the hair, but his commentary is on point and I hope he sticks around for awhile.

leo 2

I found Jordan absolutely insufferable.  My husband got tired of me yelling at the screen.  This dude is a total joke.  I can’t decide if he’s a Krystal (truly delusional) or a Corinne (playing for the cameras).  Either way I am going to have to get on board with him as entertainment because he looks like he’s around for awhile.


Colton seems a bit eh to me.  Like I get that he’s handsome and he seems to be into his charity, but he also seems a little too good to be true.  He had a whole media campaign to date Aly Raisman (who is a BOSS).

Here is Colton wooing Aly.  I thought it was pretty cute.  They dated for awhile and broke up awhile ago.  But him going on a reality show after going “viral” to date Aly just seems a little off.  Maybe I’m being too hard on him, but he also is shown wearing tshirts with suit jackets in the previews for this season, so I STAND BY IT.

I’m also NOT into Becca’s First Impression Rose recipient, Garrett.  Not going to lie, I was predisposed to disliking Garrett because I had already seen murmurs of his social media activity (in a nutshell, he liked some pretty vile Instagram memes making fun of Parkland survivors, violence against immigrant children, etc. – this is fodder for a separate post once we get to “know” Garrett more on the season).  However, despite my previous knowledge about him, I ended up disliking him for totally different reasons!  Dude is too cheesy, I just can’t get on board.


It was just too much.  The Chris Farley impression, the minivan, the fly fishing in the pool at the mansion.. it makes me want to push that cheesy face out of the screen!  It makes his social media presence pretty surprising, but we’ll just have to see it play out.

My frontrunners:

  1. Blake.  I love Blake!  I didn’t love that he rode in on an ox (I feel like those are not supposed to be ridden), but the rest of the night was A+ for Blake, and I feel the connection between him and Becca!


2. Wills.  Not only is he cute, but he has a Harry Potter tattoo.

3.  Colton.  I feel like he sticks around awhile, at least to tell Becca about his (potentially questioned??) virginity!

4. Garrett.  Even if he’s not my favorite, he got the First Impression Rose.  That usually means top 4, and if past Bachelorettes are anything to go by, it could mean he goes all the way.  Kaitlyn, Jojo, and Rachel all ended up getting engaged to the men they gave the first rose to.

Until next week!

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