Plot Twist – Reality Politics

My world was rocked on November 8, 2016, and I have been reeling from that day for the past month.  I have made some life changes, but I constantly feel like it’s not enough.  What can I do to get out of my own bubble?  What can I do to help those suffering around me?  How can I get even more involved?  It seems like the options are endless, but when you have a demanding job in the private sector and are not ready to jump ship into direct services, it feels like all you can do is donate or send a form email to your representatives (not saying those aren’t important things to do – do those if you have not already done so).

I feel in my core that we have an obligation to keep talking, to keep the pressure on, to keep digging through the noise to find the facts.  And as a millenial with a liberal arts degree in Political Science and Gender Studies, I am fully equipped to add my voice to the mix, right??

Well, I’m not sure, but I do know that I already have a blog and that the things I want to write about aren’t Us Weekly stories but are big, and scary, and need to be faced head on.  So I’m going to start doing that here.  Posts will be categorized, so feel free to skip anything with a “Politics” tag and head straight to the good stuff.

Don’t worry, when the Bachelor is back in January I will be blogging that as well.  I haven’t missed a season in over a decade and don’t plan to this time around.  And we can all use a little escapism sometimes.  But before then, there’s a different type of work to do, so stay tuned.


By leahkcasto

Full time lawyer, part time blogger.

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